Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy
We are committed to be a company that pursues infinite potential and contributes to the well-being of employees and sustainable growth of society through open and fair business activities.
Management Policy
We will comply with domestic and international laws and their spirit to become a good corporate citizen trusted by the global community.
We will earn the trust of our customers by prioritizing achievement and improvement of customer satisfaction in our corporate activities.
We will drive the development of new markets with a global perspective through corporate activities aimed at building relationships of co-existence and co-prosperity with everyone.
We will understand the needs of the times and create new functions and services through the continuing and untiring pursuit of innovative technologies.
We will develop a fair and sound corporate culture by respecting the character and individuality of each of our employees.
Code of Conduct
Openness and honesty, Conscientiousness, Environmental friendliness, Complete confidentiality,
Co-existence and co-prosperity, Integrity, Actions into words