Anticipating market changes,
and helping customers solve problems,
as a professional organization
in the various fields of chemicals

Toyotsu Chemiplas Corporation is a part of the Toyota Tsusho Group. As such, by taking advantage of our strengths in the automotive industry with which we are intimately connected, and in the chemical industry in which we specialize, our goal is to become a customer-focused trading company that makes technological proposals and continues to play a key role in the lives of our customers.

At Toyotsu Chemiplas Corporation, our vision is to become a Solution Hub Company (meaning a center for solutions). By combining chemical products of valuable suppliers and by identifying solutions, we intend to work hand-in-hand with our customers to solve any issues they might have.

In collaboration with valuable suppliers, we will take care to make proposals that ally technological strength with an understanding of the issues at hand; in this way, we intend to be a company that our customers can rely on, and continue to rely on.

As a specialized chemical trading company, we are confident we have cultivated experience and knowledge across a wide range of fields. We are using this to provide optimal solutions that utilize the synergistic strength of Toyota Tsusho Group.

April 1, 2018 marked the 10th anniversary of our establishment. Going forwards, your continued support and encouragement is much appreciated.

Kazunori Sato

Kazunori Sato
Toyotsu Chemiplas Corporation