Specialty Chemicals Division

Working under the mottos of contributing to the development of products that are essential for comfortable and healthy lifestyles, and building a sustainable society through technologies that save resources and reduce the environmental burden, the Specialty Chemicals Division is focused on developing and providing products and services to support our customers in developing their own high value-added products.

This division’s core business, the sale of additives, has been restructured into an application and customer-centric organization of chemicals and foods, consisting mainly of resins, coatings, lubricants, electrical materials and cosmetics raw materials. Through its independently-developed tenkazai.com (Japanese for “additives”) website, the division offers a rapid service that meets the customers’ various needs in the development space with support provided by engineers and instant provision of samples.

Overseas as well, the division is helping us become a global Solution Hub Company able to utilize the networks of the Toyota Tsusho Group.

Domain and Products

Domain Products
Additives for plastics Antioxidant, HALS, UVA, Photo initiator, Inhibiter, Antistatic agent, Metal deactivators.Transparent nucleating agent, Flame retardant
Personal care chemicals Fatty alcohol, Surfactant, Emulsifier, Antibacterial agent, DMA
Functional filler materials Silicone dioxide, Aluminium trioxide, Glass flake, Talc, Carbon black
Fatty acid and derivatives Castor oil, HCO, 12HSA, Polyole
Battery materials Sodium polyacrylate, Carbon black, Capacitor electrolyte, Separator, Binder, Metal foil, Rare earth, Additives
Electronics materials Photo initiator, Photo acid generator, UV absorber, Light stabilizer, Antioxidant, Fluorine additive
Dyestuff Reactive Dye, Disperse Dye
Pigment Pigment Ink, Pigment
Ink Reactive Ink, Sublimation Ink, Acid Ink
Other Fine Chemicals Textile Auxiliaries, Food Additive(foaming agent), Hydroxyethyl piperazine(HEP), Antistatic agent(Chemistat), Epoxy resin, Calcium carbonate
Additives for Paint, Coating, Ink, Adhesive PE WAX, UV absorber, Light stabilizer, Photo initiator, Antioxidant, Antifoaming agent, Thickener, Leveling agent, Fluorine additive, Silane coupling agent
Floor polish Acrylic · Urethane emulsion, TBEP, Ethyl carbitol, WAX emultion, Benzyl alcohol
Additives for resins Styrene maleic anhydride copolymer, Silica dispersion
Wind power Gear oil
Material for lubricating oil Lubricant additives, Antioxidant, Antiwear agent, Metal deactivator, Flame retardant hydraulic fluid , Corrosion inhibitor, Phosphate ester, Extreme pressure agent, Lithium hydroxide, Package for industrial lubricants, Synthetic base oil for lubricant oil, Fatty acid ester, Fatty acid
Functional Materials Benzyl alcohol, Benzyl chloride, Dibenzyl ether, 1,6-Hexanediol
Food Materials
Food additives
Life Science
Feed Materials
Feed additives
Natural food coloring, Gum arabic, Guar gum, Polysaccharide stabilizer, Sago starch, Lactose, Glucose,Sugarcane extract, Tapioka starch, Potato starch, Reducing starch syrup, Stevia, Pectin, Maltitol, Alginic acid, Ascorbic acid, Sodium malate, DL-malic acid, D-sorbitol, Collagen, Tartaric acid, Organic acid, Vitamin E, Whey mineral