Industrial Materials Division

The Industrial Materials Division is involved in the coating, ink, adhesive and polyurethane industries, not only in the Japanese market but overseas as well. We serve our customers by providing basic chemicals, intermediates, sub raw materials, and by marketing their products. The greatest advantage of this division is its team of specialists in each field who do their best to provide valuable information to customers through our deep and broad information network, personal connections, and know-how.

Our Japanese business is taken care of by our Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka offices, while our overseas business is taken care of through our subsidiaries and the global network of Toyota Tsusho. We provide customers with a secure and stable supply of raw materials, together with suggestions for cost-cutting and optimization for procurement. And also we do sales expansion of our clients products through our global network.

Alongside its sales function, our division will continue to focus on launching new businesses in Japan and overseas, securing our product chain, and working with clients as their business expansion partner.

Domain and Products

Domain Products
Organic Solvent MEK(Methyl Ethyl Ketone), IPA(Iso Propyle Alchol), MIBK(Methyl Isobutyl Ketone) , Acetone, EAC(Ethyl Acetate), NPAC(Normal Propyl Acetate)
Coating, Ink, Adhesive Raw Material for resin (Acrylic Acid, Acrylic Ester, MAA, MMA, AN, Oxo Alchol), Rosin, Dispersing Agent, Emulsifier, Balium Sulfate, Microspheres, Polyurethane hardener, Polybutene, Polyester Resin, Epoxy Resin, Acid anhydride(Phthalic anhydride, Maleic anhydride, HHPA, Succinic anhydride)
Raw Materials for Polyurethane Propylene Oxide, Polyols(PPG, POP, POP, TMP, PCD, etc), Isocyanates (MDI, HDI, TDI, XDI, IDPI), Adipic Acid, Ethylene Amine, Amine Catalyst, Blowing Agents(Cyclopentane, HFC245fa, HFO, etc), Polyurethane System, Flame Retardant, Antioxidant, Absorbent, Silicone Surfactant, Mold Releasing Agent