Automotive Material & Parts Division

In addition to the basic functions of Just in Time production and optimal procurement, the Automotive Material & Parts Division cater to a broad range of customers. To help them achieve dramatic growth in a widening array of businesses, the divisions are expanding procurement support, including the sale of synthetic resins, adhesives and other commercial chemical products and rubber products, provision of high-performance logistics, export of small-lot diverse products, enhanced development of a chemical distribution network, and the establishment of rubber compounding and product manufacturing companies.

To meet the recent growing diversity of needs for fuel cell and plug-in hybrid vehicles, automated driving, computerization and other technologies, the divisions are also expanding new product lines, such as electronic materials and parts and heat dissipation parts, building thermal analysis and other design support functions, and working on discovery and horizontal deployment of multi-value products uncovered through the combined strength of the whole company.

Domain and Products

Domain Products
Rubber Materials Natural rubber, Natural Latex, Sythetic rubber, SBR, BR, NBR, IIR, EPT, TPV, CR, Petro resin, Carbon Black, Foaming agent, Masterbatche
Tire Natural rubber, Butyl rubber, Petroleum resin, Talc, Rosin cabalt
Anti-vibration rubber Natural rubber, Butyle rubber, EPT, Carbon black, Polyamide resin
Weatherstrip, Hose,Boots EPT, TPV, Carbon black Foaming agent, Masterbache
Adhesives Natural rubber, Natural Latex, SBS, SIS, Petroleum resin, WAX
Automotive parts Automotive parts, Synthetic rubber, Petroleum resin, Adhesives